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 What’s in a home cinema system?

 The rapid expansion of the DVD/BLU RAY market, HD broadcasting, and on demand TV has seen a huge increase in the demand for home cinema equipment. The good news is the price of BLU RAY/DVD Players, LCD/LED screens, AV Receivers and Projectors has continued to fall. But with a bewildering choice of products and options available, it’s not easy to choose the system to suit your home and budget. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you make the right choice and assemble the perfect Home Cinema system to suit your lifestyle.


 The latest BLU RAY/DVD Players combine style with substance. Underneath a sleek exterior the feature-packed players allow you to play a huge variety of different formats and include HDMI outputs for sending pristine high definition, digital picture, and high definition audio information to your display or sound system. 


At the heart of every home cinema system is an integrated AV Receiver or a separate Processor/Power Amplifier. This provides power to your speakers, governs sonic fidelity and acts as an integrated control centre for each of the components, including audio and video switching. 


There has never been a better time to upgrade your TV.  The latest generation of LED TVs provide better quality and definition while being more affordable than ever.  All new models are HDTV (High Definition TV) compatible and deliver a quantum leap in picture quality with HDTV broadcasts as well as Blu-Ray discs. 


One of the key features of home cinema is the awesome surround sound system that puts you right in the centre of the action - whether dodging bullets in the middle of a Hollywood action thriller or in the front row of a live concert. We have a wide range of speaker solutions to create the perfect system for you. 


Only the best high grade cabling is used for all our systems to ensure enduring high performance.  Where possible, our custom installations are over engineered including future-proof expansion possibilities, and extra cabling such as network or security...

We have all kinds of cabling solutions, including High Definition all around the house from your satellite receiver or blu ray player even if your system´s components are in different rooms of your house. Where normal HD cabling (HDMI) is impossible to pass through existing narrow ducting tubes in homes, and will give problems on longer runs, we have a solution:

Runs of up to 50 meters can be achieved by sending the HDMI signal over Cat 6 networking cable, using special adapters designed for this purpose. As networking cable is very thin it can also be a solution to upgrade existing systems to work in HD, saving on building work and having to replacing ducting. 


If you just want the convenience of an all in one set up, without the need for extra cabling we stock a wide range of ‘plug and go’ surround sound systems including: 

Sound bar speakers, sleek all in one surround speaker that can be mounted below your flat screen TV.

Bose Cinemate/321 systems, consisting of two front speakers and a sub-woofer that save on having to get wires to rear speakers with very convincing surround sound. These systems are easily adaptable to existing DVD/BLU RAY players, satellite systems, IPOD, PlayStation3/4, or any home entertainment receiver, making them almost completely future proof, but are also available as an all in one solution with built in DVD/CD player. 

7 Multi room sound systems 

We have a wide range of multi room systems favouring Bose lifestyle systems for most multi room installations. 

Bose Lifestyle  Combines simple to use interface, high end performance, and also includes a range of virtually invisible speakers for indoor and outdoor usage apart from a range of different colours to suit your home. Lifestyle systems connect to all of your existing home entertainment equipment, and are also fully compatible with your IPhone/ IPOD. These systems can be expanded to create up to 16 different house zones using different sound sources; for example you could watch a movie with full surround sound in your lounge whilst the IPOD/CD/satellite receiver can be listened to and controlled in a different area/room of your house, i.e. Pool, kitchen, etc.  

Sonos   Multi room systems connect through your existing wired or wireless network and can play music all over your house and be controlled from the palm of your hand. With wireless Zone Players that connect to speakers of your choice or Zone players with built in speakers. It has touch screen remotes to browse through your music/internet radio/ online music services /IPOD Alternatively it can be controlled from your iPhone, no dock required. The iPhone app allows you to control the music in multiple rooms

We have a large selection of  up to date videos here https://vimeo.com/oceantv